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What is Cloud Mining?


Cloud mining (cloud cryptocurrency mining) or Cloud hashing allows users to purchase the ability to mine the currency which is in data centers.


Cloud mining allows people to earn without having equipment to mining cryptocurrencies, software, electricity, internet connection and more offline factors.


Cloud mining, sometimes called cloud hashing, allows users to buy mining power on mining equipment placed in remote data centers. This allows owners to avoid problems that are usually found when mining cryptocurrencies, e.g. electricity, problems with hosting, heat, installation or hardware maintenance problems.


What are the advantages of Bitcoin Cloud Mining?


No heat excess

Silence due to the lack of constantly rustling fans

No electricity charges

No need to sell bitcoin mining equipment when mining becomes unprofitable

No problems with hot equipment ventilation

There is no problem with pre-sale bitcoin mining equipment that may not be delivered on time by the suppliers of this equipment


What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin Cloud Mining?



Cloud mining operations impossible to verify or unclean

Lack of fun/playing

Smaller profits - cloud mining services or companies have their expenses

Contracts for mining cryptocurrency may allow you to stop the operation or withdrawals when the Bitcoin price is too low


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